Shanghai SmarSEP industries is an innovative technology driven company, focused on industrial biotechnology market. We provide the competitive services to the industry:

SmarSEP provides key process & equipment

Smarsep Provide fermentation strains, enzyme reactions, membrane filtration, ion exchange, decolorization, chromatography, MVR evaporators, and etc. SmarSEP is not satisfying to be a simple equipment supplier, we are willing to deliver the most optimized design of equipment based on product characteristics and fundamental separation mechanisms.
SmarSEP provides process development and optimization services for existing industrial Units

Thanks to the scientific support from the world class expertise of YPSO-FACTO, we can efficiently help clients to improve yield and purity, as well as reducing energy and chemical consumptions. With numerical simulations based on first principles of thermodynamics, kinetics, and fluid dynamics developed by YPSO-FACTO, we can determine the operating parameters for optimized separation conditions in a short time.
SmarSEP provides turnkey project together with well qualified partners
By teaming up with the most qualified Chinese engineering companies and collaborate with Apline Engineering(Austria) in the field of industrial biotech, we can supply not only the competitive individual process technologies & Equipment, we can also supply turnkey project including global process engineering , the feasibility study, global process engineering , procurement management, installation supervision, plants startup, personnel training, and revamping services.