Process Development & Industrial Optimization
Process Development & Industrial Optimization

Digital Twin

Digital twin technology has penetrated into various fields. The application of this technology has not only played a positive role in production efficiency, but also made tremendous contributions in safety, innovation, environmental protection, and sustainability.

The application of digital twin technology enables production enterprises to monitor and optimize the production process in real time. Through digital twin models, parameters on the production line can be adjusted in real time to achieve optimal production efficiency, which helps to reduce production costs and improve product quality.

Digital twin technology makes remote operation and maintenance possible, which means engineers and operators can monitor and manage production processes from remote locations, reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous environments. Meanwhile, expert teams can more quickly reacte and solve problems.

With the help of the numerical simulation software developed by YPSO FACTO, we could perform digital twin on some key equipment in the field of industrial biotechnology, such as enzyme reactions, chromatography systems, ion exchange systems, etc., thereby creating the necessary conditions for the digital twin of the entire factory!