Lithium Adsorbents SQ-06LiⅡ

The SQ-06Li Ⅱ lithium extraction adsorbent

The SQ-06Li Ⅱ lithium adsorbent is a new inorganic adsorbent product.

By using advanced nanomaterials, pore-forming agent and special granulation process, the adsorbent has unique specifications such as appearance(spherical), large surface area, high selectivity.

The performance of SQ-06Li II is significantly improved compare with the non-spherical product, the adsorption capacity is 50-60% higher under the same conditions. At the same time, the product has the advantages of easy regeneration, low dissolution loss and good reliability.

SQ-06LiPhysical and Chemical Properties

Lithium adsorption capacity of SQ-06Liin different brines