SmarSEP Industries cooperate with leading process simulation provider Ypso Facto

2024-02-26 20:01


Ypso-Facto®( Nancy, France), a leading provider of (bio)chemical process simulation software and services, has announced a cooperation agreement with Shanghai-based SmarSEP Industries to provide process modeling and numerical simulation services for the Chinese Industrial Biotechnology Market.

Ypso-Facto® will utilize their proprietary Ypso-Ionic® software to conduct process modeling, drawing on fundamental principles of thermodynamics, kinetics, and fluid mechanics. This collaboration will streamline the calibration of models using few laboratory experiments conducted by SmarSEP or the manufacturers.

Once calibrated, the model could predict and optimize hundreds of separation conditions in a reasonable time frame while SmarSEP can then take care of the practical implementation.

The adoption of this In Silico approach will offer industry manufacturers the possibility to enhance existing processes and develop groundbreaking new ones.

Roger-Marc NICOUD, CEO of Ypso-Facto, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Having known Charles Yuan for many years, I am confident that his skills, energy, and passion will be instrumental in driving the success of this partnership."

Echoing this sentiment, Charles YUAN, CEO of SmarSEP Industries said: "We are thrilled to join forces with Ypso-Facto. It's clear that the conventional trial-and-error approach is no longer sufficient to deliver efficient solutions to our clients. Ypso-Facto's innovative methodology and tools are set to redefine the landscape of process optimization and innovation.

You can visit Ypso Facto website for more detials:   Modeling of biochemical and chemical processes (